20 Minute Workout in the Leaves—WIX draft

Couple of typos in the video (On an iPad Pro / iMovie so it’s really hard to edit). * When I’m doing that yoga posture ”the Cobra” I said “neck is flexed;” should have said “my neck is extended.” *When I’m talking about the range of motion of the gluteus medius, just wanted to say though this is the “smartest“ muscle of the gluts in terms of range of motion, the glut that we love to love is the gluteus maximus! *When I’m doing crunches I totally forgot to mention diet; i.e., if you want a hot six-pack watch what you eat and drink. If you give up the beer for a few days, you will have much better tone in your abs (goes without saying) LOL. This is all in line with my theory of “harm reduction” (see previous video). *The 3rd exercise in the Pilates ab series is actually called “the scissors“ (the one with the legs straight up). *The last exercise in the Pilates ab series is called the “Double leg stretch.” (I’m using Scott-Pilates nomenclature here. That’s where I got my most solid training). *During the exercise where I’m using the stretch band, the verb is you want to “retract” the scapulae so that the chest is fully extended out, shoulders are very wide; and you are squeezing scaps together. End of typos. Your comments welcome! Thanks for watching (or not).

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