A Client grading scale from 1 to 10

Today I had 2 clients (and one psycho "almost booking")

On a scale from 1 (worst) to 10 (best) it went like this;

OMG it's much too late for me to "go there!" I will make a video tomorrow.

In case you haven't seen or read it yet, please check out my uncensored blog

congrats--you are here now.

(Please join, and/or comment before I change it to a "pay per view" site (or just move on over to Only Fans.)

Shout out of thanks to exquisitely (illustrated man) "A." Saw him two years ago; hard deep work on my part and he appreciated my skills and effort.

Then came "J." My only comment here is how the hell can a guy take a damn shower before a massage AND STILL smell like mangy road kill?! Oye and Oye again!

Then we had a call from Satan himself (incarnate). This joker (with a biblical name that starts with "I") was a no-show back in May! And his area code was the same although his number was different (908). I really gotta laugh; as he complained about my "negative energy" when I gave him nasty shade for being a p___ in the a__ no show back in May! Again this time he was demanding of pictures and sounded like "Big problem!" Good riddance you hideous little troll. Kindly go crawl back under your rock you cucaracha you.

You Gotta Love the Game!



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