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Updated: Jun 4

(posted on Rentmasseur 6-3-21)

Dear Potential clients;

I have had numerous requests lately for private pictures.

I do not send private pictures. That is Grindr and SCRUFF online dating and hook-up territory and it is NOT what massage should be about and definitely NOT what my massage is about.

I am a masseur/massage therapist and a consummate professional FIRST, last, and always and I pride myself on being great at what I do!

I'm quite happy with my equipment and rest assured over the years, thousands of men have experienced my massage techniques and they too are very, very happy with both my equipment and my services. LOL!

If you're booking requires that you see private pictures, you must "pay the piper" and pay for this service on Rent Masseur. It is quite out of my control.

I am truly sorry in this age of online fakeness that everyone has been catfished at one time or another (can we talk???!!! Since the holidays of 2020 I kept a running record of NO-SHOWS and fake appointments but I lost count after 100!!!!!) but there gets to be a point where common sense must take precedence over obsessions.

If you want a great massage, call me.

If you require a script, photos, or a play-by-play of how a session goes--PLEASE call one of the underwear models on the Rent Masseur site or visit the Cambot models because obviously, you are seeking an underwear model and/or a fake massage experience and not a "real massage therapist/masseur" and a real massage!

That's all she wrote.


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