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A visit to a wet SPA! 2-9-24

As a member of the educated "working senior poor" class of queer elders (I won't say Daddies LOL) who continue to live and work in NYC (work being various forms, M4M massage and care-taking for other seniors; but basically I'm more comfortable just calling myself an artist) I try to offer little tid-bits for surviving here. Life is not kind--it's mean out there. In this video I begin by talking about my recent visit to a wonderful wet spa "The Bathouse Flatiron) located near 22nd street, Chelsea in NYC. A truly self-healing experience. (The cold plunge especially was FABULOUS! WOW!). A great re-set for your brain and hypo-thalmus in particular!

We went on a Wed. The early bird special starts in the morning and the crowd was light and chill. Toward the late afternoon it started to get a little loud. Note; do not go on Saturdays--it's crazy busy, unless you like crowds. An employee was telling me Tuesdays are the slowest. See you there (on a Tuesday) LOL.

In self-healing and strength


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