A Week left-small town life

Less than a week left and back to HELL! I'm come to see my hostess as a stroke victim, a disabled lady who really can't do much else but watch TV. I don't know why I have found this irritating for a while now. This trip for the first time I put my self in her shoes. Stroke. Half your body is gone and you can just barely walk. Being infirm, as a way of life. God help us. It happens, even to the young and fabulous, not just the old and sedentary. It happens. And then the humbling comes.

Working on two songs tonight and adding to my Spotify playlist "A Sensual Place."

Biked in full blown rain tonight, the greys and blues of the ocean were exquisite. I would love to move here. So damn straight though. Do I even need men when I have the ocean? I would be making music constantly. Felt a bit of tension today with the homophobic not-so-hot Daddies strolling their toddlers. My housemate "C" and her six year old have been gone for two days. What a relief. I love C but she's got such an obsessive streak to her. She's too nervous to just "feel the silence" or do any kind of work on herself, (meditation, yoga) and yet she's clueless as to why she is suffering from chronic colitis, which comes from chronic tension which comes from being abused by her Mother when she was growing up. And I see the same insecurities (although wrapped in co-dependent love) coming out in her relationship with her daughter. Inseparable. ALWAYS TOGETHER. Must be hard to determine boundaries with kids when being a parent. Thank God not me.

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