Be Aware/Beware 11-18-22

Tonight I had another prankster phone call; they usually come after midnight. is a great little tool for blocking these pests. Like rats, homophobic men booking fake massages for a joke seems to be the current activity of choice for insecure, homophobic (closeted) self-hating jerk-offs. For those seeking a heavenly massage I am definitely available late night and early mornings, but please call to book before 12 midnight. Call to book I said (LOL) don't call for information. If you'd like information please read my site thoroughly. Everything you need to know is there. For the novice--I do full body massage and am happy to discuss any further questions you may have about my service IN PERSON.

Thank you to the handful of clients I had this week! The pleasure was mine.

Also wanted to give a shout out to any gents going to the bars. So far, this year, in the past few months there have been two deaths that occurred under very suspicious circumstances. Lethal doses of fentanyl were involved and in both cases bank accounts were cleared out of money and credit cards were stolen and maxed out. From what I can glean from the papers the killers operate as a team targeting men in gay bars. It is not one man acting alone but two men. I wonder if they are related to the prankster phone calls jerk-offs. Probably not, murder is pretty extreme compared to getting your rocks off with insults and nasty comments over the phone. But hate comes is various colors. One must be mindful and know how to defend oneself these days. The city has become rougher than ever and with the ridiculous bail policies current in place a perp could conceivably attack someone, be arrested and be out, about and on the street within a few hours. Scary stuff. Again, beware all and know how to defend yourself.

Better yet, come to me for a fantastic massage and loose that tension. But only if you are real.


Steve O

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