warning: beware of fat anthony from the bronx

When a client pays for my time, they pay for my service. And I give my all. It is not acceptable, after our session to say "You did or didn't do such and I'm not going to pay you." This is essentially a con job if there ever was one, and as such, not acceptable behavior on the part of any client. This past weekend I had such an experience by a very over-weight, young Latin-X man with dreadlocks and a baby-face, named Anthony (I shall refer to him as "Fat Anthony" from the Bronx, area code 929). After the session he demanded his money back. I acquiesced and returned the C-note but kept the $20. LOL. Fat Anthony was a "classic" con man and a bully. I believe his actions were fully premeditated, that he planned his con out carefully, and that he never intended to pay for me for my time. Again, let me reiterate, when you pay for my time, you pay for my service. To demand a refund after an hour of my work is just plain sleazy, underhanded and "ghetto." End of argument.

I love what I do and I do what I love. Most clients are heaven scent. I offer full body massage from head to toe; and any specific questions I'm happy to fully disclose in person. To avoid any misunderstanding I ask that men communicate to me during the session any thoughts, feelings or desires they may having during our hands-on session. This prevents misunderstanding. Clarity of intentions makes for a fantastic session for both of us.

It is a gift for me to massage you. Then, every once in a while.there are the bad apples Every business has a percentage of loss and massage is no different, but basically I believe most clients are good. As for you Fat Anthony, even a trendy hairstyle and a baby-face, can't disguise what an overweight, phony, looser, bully and grifter you are. Your karma will come back to you, big time. A video will follow this posting.

Steve Orr

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