bilateral stimulation mix OF "pagan moon" use headphones FOR OPTIMAL LISTENING EXPERIENCE

This track is a one-hour seamless mix of Pagan Moon from my OCEAN VISIONS album.

It contains a deep, rich, alternating Bilateral Stimulation pulse. This is my own private mix. To me, the levels that my engineer (beloved though he is) set in his version of the Master (for Spotify and Distrokid, my distributor) made the mix sound distorted so I have uploaded my own mix here. Let me know (anyone) if the levels are too low. This one-hour track is best listened to using headphones to reap the full benefits of the Bilateral stimulation pulse (a continuously, alternating tone) mixed in with the music. Bilateral Stimulation is a quintessential element of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). The purpose of Bilateral Stimulation is to show wounded parts (of the client's psyche) that the upsetting experience it feels like they’re reliving (PTSD, painful memories, triggers) are actually just harmless recordings. I call it musical healing.

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