birthday breaththrough

My newest Jackie-O glasses from The Sunglasses Museum.


AMEN! Every day I am not in pain is a blessed day; is a miracle!

I think I made a breakthrough in my music tonight! I actually began to have a "fun feeling" while producing a very old song I first heard in High's an old Appalachian tune called "He's Goin' Away" and I was weeping while I was sequencing the piano, with beautiful, lush reverb. Beautifulengineer-teacher...tomorrow will do vocals. I started the production on Band In a Box but much to my engineer's chagrin it was impossible for me to create my particular arrangement (how I was used to "comping myself" on the piano. So I just moved right into Cubase. This is immense for me. Thank you, God (and my engineer teacher). I often feel I'm learning an "odd way" of producing because my engineer (for all his talent and heightened, larger-than-life productivity) does not play the piano. I like sequencing and repeating and refining MIDI notes. Joy. I hope I can finish this later today.

Before that, a very rude client called and he kept texting "I Need U HOLE ADDRESS!"...

--which I did give him! But he kept asking for "U HOLE ADDRESS." Obviously, I must have given him the address of the wrong hole. Gracious! Is there a right one? You BETCHA! : ).

Not sure if it was a language thing or what but I had visions of that simply horrible Russian client/driver "Alex" ("Mr. You do BOOM BOOM????" making rude demands of me while he was on the table last week). I must confess that I had to release myself twice after that monstrous client visitation. Probably because it was so unusual in that I was not in control of the situation and (through awful hygiene)--the man was hot in a weird way. It's amazing what can turn us on.

Sunday I had a client who insisted on being blindfolded. The "faux fucking" was incredible and his body was fabulous. And he was older, a Ginger type with bright blue eyes. Toned and tight and sensually muscular in all the right places. Of course,, my satisfaction was NOT part of his agenda. (That's alright dearie---I was working after all). But afterward I had to look at muscle and cum. Alone (sigh).

It's almost funny, no matter how HOT the session gets, 4 outta 5 times when a client has his release, it's "Well, I guess I better rinse off..."as if trying to avoid the fact that there's someone else in the room who might have been feeling it too! If they seem vaguely interesting and I'm horny I will ask nicely "Do you mind if I cum?" Sometimes this is absolutely not even necessary but that's an exception, not the rule. Besides I am aware that it's more about the client than about me. I am always grateful to the clients who are compassionately yielding to my lust (if my lust is there) to share in my release. Those are real gentlemen.

We DO NOT need real-lifetsunami horror especially coming upon the Dog Daze of Summer and my turning 67. (OMG LOL. Online age 56) HEE HAW!!!). Isn't it just plain confusing though when one isn't in control and the psunami of passion plays out all over both parties and one is NOT in control?! Guess it's partly the danger too which is a turn on. Boredom isn't sexy, excitement is. I admire couple's who nest and work at their relationship. Maybe one day. Yes I do definitely have nearly suicidal bouts of loneliness, however those periods are the exception. Usually I very happy with myself and my aloneness. Cunts however do irritate the fuck out of me. A cunt is quite different than a hot woman or a dyke. Usually a cunt is a young or middle-aged thing talking loudly on their phone. Way too loud. That's a cunt. Are we in New York Cunty, or New York City? the cynical old queen once said to me. I couldn't answer.

We need JOY!!!!! Ecstasy! Dancing on the rooftops to keep the vampires and Zombies away....(Ka-CHING! LOL.)

Happy Wed. My birthday is the 13. I am gladly accepting donations and gifts...

Please send to

storr54@gmail dot com

(Hanging Vine cabernet from CA; or Red Hook Gin-thanks).

Happy Birthday to Me!

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