Fireworks and how do i have fun (again) making music?

Spectacular Fireworks yesterday--as seen from my roof 7-4-21...visual ecstasy...

Shout outs from me of thanks to new clients (and new review from B on Queens Blvd. thanks so much!!!!!) G a few days ago and today M. M--the blindfold was a great, hot, fabulous idea!

Back on unicycle tomorrow...took a few days off. Balding tire from my practicing so much--had to order new one!

Huge meltdown during music lesson last week! I need to simplify and (again) try to rediscover the FUN of making music! This is the challenge of the summer of 2021 for me--besides making tentative plans to relocate! I'm doing a new lesson tomorrow--and working just a piano and vocal track of "I Wish You Love." Hopefully simplifying our production (only two tracks--vocals and piano) will clarify some ambiguous issues I have been having lately with both using Lanes in Cubase and recording MIDI and then editing it!~ Oh, if only I could rediscover the fun of making music--MUSES PLEASE HEAR ME! GIVE ME BACK THE JOY I SEEM TO HAVE LOST~

Thanks all and have a beautiful summer, let's all enjoy our freedoms and individual pursuits of happiness. We are so fortunate here to live in this deep, rich, constantly thrilling metropolis. Also, if you are finding it difficult to "be friendly" on the street--you are NOT alone. Also please remember to use Mace mindfully : ). And don't let it visually be seen. Mace cannot be seen visually if you are carrying it--along with knives. You may be arrested for using Mace on someone--but if you are threatened...use whatever means possible to protect yourself and your loved ones.

My room mate is moving out! We are on great terms thank God. I will miss his raw boy/man/wild and dedicated energy. I won't miss cleaning up after his damn long, shedding hair! It will be nice to continue our friendship on another level. Even though to me he is his own worst enemy. I see him as a victim of his own arrested development from overuse of cannabis. What are you going to do? He IS happy with himself. One cannot judge or second guess interventions. I wrote a poem about suicide this week because I had to "get it out." That's doesn't mean I'm gonna go on anti-depressants. The pain of living with our shadow is part of being human. Yes I wish I had a muscular pair of man titties to suck on every night but I don't. Then I have another friend who is clean from cannabis for months now and swears he should have quite years ago.

Please be aware all that there is a new Pandemic Relief Scam going on now. I was texted a form to fill out from a 1-560 number and the web address was a "bit/ly" prefix. Total scam. Delete all. And block the numbers. I had to cancel a credit card this week because the scammers from Hypeddit refused to close my account. $9 a month for fake music promotion is NOT a deal. Shysters selling snake oil. Bit coin is a fad, etc.

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