My time in Marshfield has been productive and healing.

Now it's time to return to the artificial place. Time to go back to calls from men in my dark, Man Cave, flat. Time to continue to try to dream and work in alley-sized spaces, touching men. Thank God for my cat!

I've grown quite close to the single Mom that lives here and her six-year-old. I have a deep, abiding friendship with "C" and her daughter that blossoms with every visit. I just wish to God C. wasn't so obsessive. I've noticed that when she drinks (wish is like every day) it exacerbates her obsessions. But really how many times do I have to say "I hear what you are saying?" There is a point where one must say "You've expressed that feeling about four or five times now and I get it already!"

She's a good soul. And I'm glad we are friends. I wish she did a bit of yoga or had an outlet for her obsessions so she would hear herself and not repeat herself so many times! The six-year-old in the meantime is teaching me what exactly spontaneity means. Children are like little gurus..."Out of the mouths of babes..."

Goodbye Marshfield, thanks for the moon, ocean air, and love. It's really not so bad to be away from massage. You realize more and more there's a whole world out there! LOL. I think it's called freedom. And being near the ocean my Soul definitely feels more at peace.

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