So grateful to have had two new clients this week! Thank you God! And just completed "quickie" lesson setting up Vocal Lead track in CUBASE Elements. Thank you Erik my Wunderkind Engineer Producer. My goal is to do a cover of "Reindeer King." Maybe I can complete it by Sunday. The Kontakt piano sounds fabulous. The chords are really coming along. It's not that difficult to play and record in MIDI. Of course I can correct everything. I realize the more and more I record bits and pieces of the song (singing voice alone with piano accompaniment which now has the official style label as "minimalist" Oh dear God save me from the simplistic stupidity of the current music scene/mindset) that one of the most compelling things about the original track is the pristine, crystal, strong, clarity and "close-up-ness" of the vocals and the piano accompaniment by Amos. I must remember to try and send my letter marked PERSONAL to her publicity company Rapidgirls something(?). The song continues to be a burning inspiration to me. Can hardly get through a verse without hard core weeping. I wonder why it touches me so? I'm probably releasing years and years of squashed feelings and spider-webbed hand toxicity deeply embedded from giving thousands of sacral chakra releases to thousands of clients! Recited lyrics of the song to straight boy-man room mate "W" last night over a wonderfully strong and mellow bowl of iconoclastic marijuana. I usually distrust non-medical but this shit was good. His only comment was he didn't like the word "fire." How can a man be both open, fun, gentle and yet have so many rigid, "insta-judge" opinions about things? Oh well, "W" is a Trump supporter...or was. Still I love him. The coolest straight guy I think I've ever met. I wonder if I will ever have a queer friendship as deep as what I have with him? Doubtful. Most Q men tend to lack a certain integrity or "soul earthiness" that some "queer-friendly" straight men have. It's the damage we queers experience in life. It corrodes us. Hm. Funny and just before I was calling W rigid. Paradox.

Plus the plumber came this morning and after various grinding, drilling and making my "sink-HOLE" bigger (Oh baby) LOL!--(his butt all the while sticking partially out of his lowered rear belt line LOL) the fabulous tall new faucet was installed correctly! No more moans, gasps, creaks and earthquakes when I turn on the hot water. HOORAY! Oh the little things that make life pleasantly palatable.

Got up the roof for about an hour and worked on "ODE TO COVID" a new poem. It is coming along.

I read the darling FAMOUS female poet's work--the one who appeared at the Inauguration. Thought it was much too wordy. And of course--due to the times--because she's young and black she is an automatic star. Lord these PC times in American living are wearying! So "we" (not me of course-being Queer) old white men have had our day and over and over some P.O.C. are exhaulted as media darlings even when, in my humble opinion, their talent is severely lacking. It's the backlash, the blacklash, the backlash, i.e., affirmative action in Media culture, wherein truth it seems is now so often emasculated in favor of presenting the facade of doing the right thing. A horrid neighbor of mine is recovering from COVID. I wish he had died. He's just a simply awful human being. Real slum-lord type and he has the personality of the most thoroughly cold, abusive, cruel and uncaring straight Dad ever. He's got all the elements of a putrid Patriarch, short of being a wife-beater. The amount of stress I feel from this larger-than-life asshole is off-the-charts. Maybe he will get hit by a bus? I can only hope. Awful, horrible to say, I know. Forgive me dear reader, but honestly I don't give a shit what you think. Am I creating bad karma for myself? Sorry this is how I feel straight from the hip. Forgiveness for this S.O.B. is simply not in my working computer program at this moment. Maybe with time I will evolve. Or, more likely I have learned from countless bad encounters with said cunt-neighbor that he is a big, potential lawsuit just waiting to happen. He's definitely a true "Trump" type. Best to STEER CLEAR at all times. Always threatening lawsuits, screaming and yelling (no reasoning with "her") for as long as I can remember. And damn, he is rumored to be rich too! Life isn't fair LOL. Sick. Maybe we will all be spared and "the BIG ONE" will take him before then (smile).

Anyway onto the evening. Need to do a quick bike ride and skip the beer. The tall boy IPA is beginning to taste a little too good. Doubtful if I will have clients tonight. Okay, then I will try recording for at least an hour. THEN work on posting more "COMFORT"

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