Great remix "sounds of silence"

I was blessed to be at the beach yesterday (Rockaway Baby!) w/dear friends Ramon A. and Kris G. Ramon played this and I started freaking out...such a lovely mix of a great song.

Terrifyingly reminding me of everyone being engulfed by the online world of silence (earbuds) and alienation (no more's not "Sex in the City" it's really "Sexless in the Cunty.") Is it, just my imagination or do people sound happier in Puerto Rico than they are in NYC? Still NYC has many treasures. You just have to know how to make the optimum time out of being here (which I'm trying to do while pursuing and fast research to move and relocate to someplace much more financially manageable.

After the three client weirdos that I blocked the other day, I had two texts today for a massage; I even offered discounts, but nothing. Oh well. July is an off month. I ride the waves. You can't take anything in the M4M massage world personally.

Anyway, it's the one-week anniversary of my birthday, and my friend Annelies texted me that "You are wiser and nicer with every year." Thank you, friend! While friends Ramon and Kris both said "Wow! We sure hope that we can bike to Rockaway when we're 67!" All good to hear. Though my online age is 57! LOL.

Today I successfully uploaded a fabulous mix of Pagan Moon (Bilateral stimulation mix) on Distrokid. It will officially be released September 5. It's one hour long and I soon hope to edit it into a video of ocean scenes to go with the fabulous music. I have been so blessed to discover the world of E.M.D.R. (and bi-lateral stimulation) to help me heal from my childhood sexual abuse and help me maintain being grounded and my sense of cool in day-to-day living in NYC. I wanted to share the power of this therapeutic modality so that hopefully others may benefit as I have. The pulse track I inserted within the mix I hope is just the right balance to go with the music and to enable E.M.D.R. to occur in the listener. It is best to listen with headphones! I will notify everyone when the track goes public. One needs to "pre-release" so that one can get on the radar of Spotify!

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