Jezus I hate watching myself

Not a Kardashian cunt and never the intention to be one. But damn I wish I was more butch in my damn videos! LOL!

Tonight I made $180 roses. Thank you P. The work was especially welcome as the cunts next door were/are now STILL having a big "show-down/ho-down" of a party in the back, all lit up. Ew the sound of cunt voices makes my skin crawl. Guess I should be grateful as all the action is forcing me to sit down and do some music. And it is a Saturday. And it's late. And the pandemic is over!? Not the time to rains a dozen eggs down. But will consider it if they go on past 3...

The park had so many interesting people in it today. And the young homeless/anarchy contingent was a bit scary. A big, strapping black guy came up to me and we had such a chill convo about unicycling and biking. I felt protected talking to him. Must have spent at least an hour in the park practicing. Wow. People. Groovin' and movin'! The hydrangeas were awesome and the park didn't smell that bad. Even the dog ghetto area.

Later went to buy some wine and got this (Meh) formaldehyde tasting rot gut. Too lazy to post the name. Tomorrow will try a replacement bottle of Hanging Vine. Now that's a tasty vino. Wine Warehouse has a much nicer selection than East Village Wines and Liquors.

On the way there, walking North on First Avenue, I saw one of the most handsome men I believe I have ever seen in my life. I wonder if he was Jewish? Not that that has anything to do with anything. He looked straight into my eyes, then down and away with that nascent seed of homophobia that DL & bi guys put out. A hard read. Amen. Hunk mania lives.

There was also an all-female brass band playing on the corner of 6th and First Ave. My feet got happy and I was dancing across First Avenue going home. That never happens!

Before that, I saw my sweet friend Nina. I helped move her into her new digs in the Village view gosh, three weeks ago now. She was feeling it! A quick check in with her. Important discussion...growing older and living on a limited income. V. V. adjusts the rent/maintenance based on income. I GOTTA move! This building is killing me with it's expensive rent. And it's comparatively cheap! I am so damn poor it ain't funny.

Must do some music, my shoulders are already shriveling up!

Be blessed

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