Malespring (a poem)

Male Spring 2021

Pale green budding

Peeping from limbs

Cool, fresh wind

Caressing whips

On my skin

Tendrils of trees

Scantily dressed

Tapping, scratching

Like skeletal fingers

On this tomb-

My livingness

Pan’s pipes play

The rites of spring

As it stretches, reveals and undresses

Among shy crocus, smiling daffodils

I try tender caresses

But for time, deep folding

In the creases clumsily

Revealing seasons

Upon my face

Waiting and wondering

Listening for a sign

I perk up, then resign.

Oh for some music

To dance to

Somewhere inside

my sweet Soul’s space!

Pale green budding

Peepers peeping

By the marsh

Before summer falls

With heat harsh

Now, again it comes

That country cool, fresh wind

Caressing like whips

My white-weathered skin

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