Memorial day 2021

Remembering, Honoring

My father fought in WW2 and then reenlisted because he couldn't "get enough." My beautiful cousin Mike fought in Vietnam, came home a broken man and then blew his head off with a shotgun in the lonesome deserts of New Mexico. I can hear the East Village party brats ballywhoing and screaming their toasts to a Drunken God right now as I type this and a cold rain is falling. Will humanity ever learn? Probably not here, in this big NYU dorm of a 'hood. But I wanted to take a few moments to honor these two men in my life that served and all those who sacrificed their lives and gave (and continue to give) so much so that we may enjoy our freedoms. Bless you soldiers. I am also grateful to all the brave and outspoken LGBTQ heroes who suffered and fought so that today we may enjoy our freedom, so much of which we take for granted. And the policeman who protect with compassion and our fallen brothers and sisters of color. And finally all victims of insane gun violence, a scurge on the face of America which the majority of our elected leader continue to ignore. Freedom comes with responsibility, mindfulness and a sense of gratitude. If you feel entitled, you're missing the point. Why bother? It isn't a right, it's a privilege to fight for. Dedicated to all those who have sacrificed their lives, their loves and their bodies; and dedicated to all who continue to sacrifice today. And will in the future. Memorial Day 2021.

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