OMG The boys of BLINK

Jezus Mary and Joseph and all the saints combined! Some of the boys at BLINK on Ave A are TDF (To Die For Mary Ann!). I am so glad I activated my SILVER SNEAKERS membership there. Move over beaatches--Daddy's got to pump it up!

Kind of embarrassing as I'm positive that my fabu purple tennis shoes with the worn out soles (major holes in the bottom, fit for a tramp) were quite plainly showing as I was doing the pull up machine right in front of this particularly gorgeous kid. I was thinking "Oh shit...he sees the holes in the soles and he knows I AM POOR!" So WTF?! I write good music and do great massage. Get over it. (Probably a good idea for me to hit DSW) and get some new work out shoes ; )>


Anyway, let them all think what they will (and they will anyway). For ever one that's cruising you, there are five ignoring you. And some young dude was throwing a turd full of shit my way tonight while I was practicing my unicycling on First Ave. God forbid I interrupted her phone walk. So glad I have my MACE in hand. I was practicing spraying it the other night. It shoots a powerful stream almost 10 feet away. Beware though, I heard from roomie that if you Mace somebody you can be arrested for assault. Who wants to spend a whole afternoon morning or evening in jail. Not moi.

Anyway, the gym is great! But WTF is this phone thing?! I have to control the urge--whenever I see a guy engrossed on their damn phone, sitting on a damn machine--to walk up and say "Hey do you mind if I do a set?" or downtown speak--"Can I use that machine? Maybe you could stare at your phone somewhere else, Mac?" So ignorant. Working out feels so great especially after 30 minutes on the unicycle. Yay ME!

Don't hear the water buffalo above me. Wed. nights is always the night her BF is over...Please God, don't let me hear their bed knocking in their early morning hours with the sounds of their intercourse. Or I swear to God I'm going turn on THE THUMPER and give the damn ceiling a real good "depotment" FYI that is the massage word for tapping or striking a body to stimulate or exhaust muscles; one minute or less stimulates. More than a minute exhausts the muscle(s). Gad, the scourge of the heterosexual majority. (Serenity prayer here).

Onto watching CALL MY AGENT. The writing is excellent. Those French have such style. So superior to any comedy on American TV. I downloaded the FRIENDS REUNION. Why--I have no idea. Never had an interest. Law and Order, that's hot. And Jason B., in CHICAGO PD...can't get enough of that many Dick Wolf works his TV MAGIC again, over and over. He looks so cool. Was an extra on Law and Order SVU once. Mariska was so unassuming, down to earth. The whole cast and crew was like one big family. I felt so safe on the set. Then threw my damn back out pretending to be a TV cameraman. They had filled the fake camera with cement or something. Three visits to the chiropractor later that week and I he put my back back! The extra pay didn't cover that cost.

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