One dove sang

To the other

And the other

Laughed back like a loon

We were meant to suffer

We were meant to cry

But in between sorrows

We can float coast-to-coast

Or soar to the moon

One boy

Dancing with others

His feet on the dancefloor burned.

Then time turned him

Into a hardened man

And he, in turn

All love spurned

Time became a building

A cave become a home

Till the shackling of his heart,

Made him yearn to roam.

And the years

Became a heartache

In his flesh and bone

And the bone became dust

When he died old

And alone

One dove

Sang to the other

On a warm spring afternoon

Her pulsing coo

Made a song so sweet

As a summer night’s

Emerald-green dew.

#saintorr #nycmasseur #stevenorr #fabulousfaggotry #steveorwhat

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