So I flew back to california to get my driver's license renewed...

Conversation heard tonight on 6th Street between First Ave & Ave A (they were babies, yes, most likely NYU-eunochs). In case you don't know, that is very much "a type" in my 'hood.

"So I flew back to California just to get my driver's license renewed." (Yawn). I shudder when I hear the sheer entitlement, and the rich, spoiled, petty-bourgeois mindset, coming out of the mouth of a typical 18 to twenty-something cunt like that. Let me clarify. That's the average 20-something that lives in my 'hood. I can seriously see why I am drawn to slasher films wherein the car full of friends ends up being roadkill of the inbred, cannibalistic hillbillies. Truly, it makes one long for an apocalyptic pestilence or a very long, drawn-out war requiring the draft. Of course cunts that like have parents that pay the system to not draft their dear, dwibbly little capitalist piglets.

Serenity prayer here.

The rooftop is such a lovely place to be, far above the fray below...

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