so many guys named John called today...

I had no idea what a popular name that was. LOL.

Summer in the city. Unemployment is high; the country is burning up, Corona is morphing into a 2nd and 3rd variant; and I have been dealing with anonymous calls from Johns all day. The first sounded like a monster with TB; the second was a guy on the DL (with a puppet's name) who claims to be gay but who's not out. The third insisted on a private convo. "Are you T or B?" He said.

"I'm A for American" I said.

Just for your info--and this goes out to the naive, the simple, the virgins, the uninitiated and the totally clueless. (Gosh, are there REALLY that amount of completely and totally clueless guys out there?) The younger generation! All their time watching YouTube. Not enough time LIVING and talking and reasoning things out. Pity. But not my problem.

Dear Johns or John-wanna-be's;

*Texting that goes on for more than 30 minutes; and private convos re: "tell me what a sensual massage is (?) and explain to me what goes on during your massage" all fall under the category of Way beyond my pay grade! Gentlemen--do you HEAR me? If not please READ MY LIPS. Nope. If you don't have the money, I don't have the time. (Gee, I sound like a Jew from the Lodz ghetto in 1941! It is rather sad but true, isn't it? LOL.)

Thank you.

Please respect my time, energy and open heart--as I respect yours!

And finally; your personal hygiene is greatly appreciated (more than you know); as is your mental, physical and spiritual health!

If you need a mental health counselor, please get in touch with one of the various city mental health agencies available to all New Yorkers during these particularly stressful times.That being said, massage can provide the greatest care and comfort. If that's what you need, CALL ME.

Damn; I almost did some music today! But then the days not over. I think I need to take a break from the beer and the sugar. Damn sugar really can be a downer! And even more than one beer a night for a few nights running makes me feel depressed around the third day. That is how sensitive my system is. It was my B-day last week so I did get a little carried away. But the delicious VENIEROS cheesecake I finally finished last night.

Speaking of the Lodz ghetto, a topic I have always found fascinating is the holocaust.

Currently I am relishing reading Auschwitz, a new history. Here the author paints a picture of how the notorious place grew from a simple "work camp" to the most infamous example of Hitler's Final Solution.

Be blessed and not stressed-get a massage by me.

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