Thank you---J & R

Ha sounds like J&R Music World--gone with the wind.

Thank you new clients J (and welcome to NYC, stay cool) & R (thanks for the tension release-it was a hot day!).

Now putting apartment back; gotta eat and hopefully finish "finessing" all the chords to Under the Milky Way by The Church--before I indulge in late night horror and a beer. OMG am I really going to go to McDonalds GEEZ!

Will miss my room mate! (But NOT his shedding--ha ha). I wrote a poem about him. He is obsessed with everything American; claims one of his descendents rode with Paul Revere on that famous Midnight ride. Wesley, my stoner soldier LOL. So nice to separate and say goodbye on good terms with someone you've lived with, laughed with, partied with and --well you catch the drift! I just wish he could be a tiny bit more sober, so that he could work on his writing and develope his writer's voice. But for some people, arrested development from constant/unabated cannabis use is just de rigueur to their lifestyle; it's part of who they are! Who am I to judge anyone~or attempt to change them? NEVER! If it ain't broke--don't fix the damn thing!

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