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Thank you "R" 9-28-23; Blocking "IT"

Thank you first-timer "R" for your generosity, empathy and down-to-earth sensuality! You remind me of how absolutely great the work I do can be! My latest, new mantra "Mutual Respect=Mutual Touch" (in business and in pleasure!).

Interesting experience yesterday with a former client who paid me a visit, purpose being"to play" and not pay. I quickly got it during our playtime/hook-up that this was all about him and my needs were irrelevant. That I was merely there to service him. Plus I've never seen a boy so into poppers in my life! I mean every other breath already. Occurred to me this chemical abuse could possibly lead to dementia or early onset Alzheimer's! The nice thing about being a homo with another homo is that IF your needs aren't being met---just do it yourself and enjoy the visuals. No stress.

With this guy though I definitely got a real sense that he unequivocally did NOT want to be made love to, that he wanted only "to be serviced." Emotional constipation? Narcissism? The ignorance of youth? Maybe his addiction to poppers took priority about everything else. So odd and cold. The average, self-centered queen generally wants to be serviced, there is no sense of mutual touch or pleasure giving and take at all. And here was our Miss Thing instructing me on where my hands should be for God's Sake and what I was supposed to be doing and how and where! I finally said "Darling this isn't a paying session, I'm not here to service you, it's a mutual thing--or it should be." Finally "it" "got tired" and had to leave. "This wasn't what I was expecting" it said upon leaving. I replied "Well, that felt great; but I've only got 2 hands!" There could be no discussion. The only action left to take was to block. "Les=less" to coin a phrase. You had to be there...

Funny that today and before with above-client I just had; I had a sense of we were indeed making love and not servicing each other. And the business factor therein was irrelevant. Chemistry chemistry, it all comes down to chemistry in business and in non-business affairs.

Momento mori--amongst all this drama, strife and joy every day, every moment, every hour; the words echo in my Soul "Remember you must die."

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