The Gold and the shadow of doing m4m massage...

It's a great time of the year to get a massage.

But gentlemen please don't contact me for an appointment unless you intend on following through with and keeping the appointment. Don't text me very very late or very very early

(example today 6:00 AM, "Jeffrey" at 808 area code) because you are just "horny," have a desire to "be in bed naked with me" or "shoot a load."

Historically (last year for example) I must have had at least 50 no shows within 30 days. I stopped counting after 50!). I attribute this extraordinary number of clients "acting out" and not following through to CO-VID fear and hysteria.

Again, now I remind myself and the world that part of my valuable time is spent baby-sitting fake clients who don't book but just are too immature to talk to their therapists about how lonely they are. Or simply go to a porn site and get themselves off. Note: I am a human being and you waste my time when you reach out to me and then don't follow through to book! Note: Mr. Jeffrey, don't contact anyone at 6:00 AM because you are horny. It's just not nice. At all.

It's way beyond my pay grade to constantly be discerning the real clients from the fake time wasting ones. However, here we go again LOL.

So I have to play the substitute teacher again. Guys, please don't be "naughty" this holiday season and waste my time. Only contact me if you have every intention to "be nice" and show up for a session. And please don't waste my time by contacting me if you have no intention of following through with your booking. Look deep inside yourself and try to resurrect something called good old-fashioned integrity.

Sorry I forgot to block you Jeffrey at 808 area code. I certainly will if you text me again!

The "red light" there was the extraordinarily long time it took for this dingbat to respond to my texts! My bad for not knowing you were a jerk off immediately and not a serious client!~LOL. Well, now I know (a note to myself).

There is gold and shadow in doing M4M massage. This morning was a "shadow" morning. Client "P" on the other hand--who came to me Thanksgiving night--now that was pure gold!

Gold and shadow, light and dark, male and female, attachment and aversion. It is all "interdependence" in my way of understanding Buddhism. It's the nature of living and the trick is not to get caught up in either the gold OR the shadow. That's the challenge...

"To Life!"



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