• Steven Orr

The Pandemic Papers

This is a record of my life (a work in progress LOL!), my business (and my creative projects) while living in NYC city during the pandemic and/hopefully beyond. This blog has officially started today with help from Wix support. I hope you enjoy reading! Read on. We are on a journey together. Let's learn from each other!

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The 3 MInute game

This game takes two to play. Just use your hands in the beginning. Listen to the cues... You say to your partner "How do you want me to touch you for three minutes?" (They tell you, you do it), then;

Alex and the handyman Amazingly funny, courageous and beautiful to watch! Share with as many straights and Republicans as IS HUMANLY POSSIBLE! #saintorr #nycmasseur #stevenorr #fabulousfaggotry

Valentine's day gratitude

I am grateful to have had a repeat client last night. "C" was going through a lot of stress with his relationship with his Mother (a cancer patient) and on and on. It sounded like he was in the throes