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X-rated Photos Are Above My Pay Grade

Dear Gents;

I do not send out x-rated photos in order to convince or persuade anyone to book a massage session with me. This is way beyond my pay grade. My reputation, experience, health and vitality speak for themselves (not to mention being blessed with some mighty fine equipment and an amazing tool set--thank you God!).

If you require "nudies" to book a session, then please get in touch with another service provider. And, in the words of the beloved Joan Rivers "GROW UP!"

The same goes for weird and obtuse requests such as asking to be fucked or requesting that I "eat ass."

Thank you for your sanity, discretion and respect (in advance). And again, if you do book with me, your personal hygiene is greatly appreciated (more than you know).

Have a nice day LOL. #saintorr #steveorwhat

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