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11-21-23 No-shows, no beer, good music making

Slow client numbers. Had to block a few guys, wish I had blocked more. Who but a cockroach would call me at 1:26 AM asking when my next massage opening is? Stupid. And who but a rat fink would give the song and dance about FIRST TIME I'm GONNA TOUCH A MAN AND I WAN IT TO BE YOU? Then cancel. Blocked. Even being 65 this guy should have known better about respecting his masseur. You play like an asshole; I block you. (KISS=Keep It Simple Stupid).

Have a few night without beer this week. That was refreshing. Interesting how my poet's mind opens up and "goes there" when I'm stoned on cannibis. Also using the writing workbook in ACA ("The Laundry List") is a good way to break down writing blocks.

And a writer must be adament about giving himself his time to only write and nothing else (very challenging especially when I'm always looking to rub a man and make some dough (Ha ha). The money tension obsession thing isn't very good for inspiration. Giving oneself quite time and a space away from the phone IS! ; )

Caretaking continues and I'm rediscovering my love of playing my own shit on a live piano more and more. Food for the Soul.

I don't think it's a good idea to take vacations with flakey friends...

Also just ordered ACA's Loving Parent Guide; essential reading when dealing with loneliness, being used by clients and Godless street life.

Watched DEAR DAVID tonight, a stunningly good horror movie; with a hot queer leading character. Good stuff.

Thank you A for your "Teatime for the sensitive musician" today.

God Bless all you non-haters and come for a GRRRRREAT massage!

SAT-MON I work a part-time job so I'm partially available; so try me : )

I am free in-between these times!

Sat. 4-9

Sun 12-6

Mon 6-10

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