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5-14-24 Re: Spring Body Rehab Touch with Steve the Nycmasseur

Hello Fellow Travelers;

Get your spring body rehab/renewal, refresher and healthy tone-up jump-started with my exclusive, superlative, professional M4M massage service. Deep and/or more relaxing or nurturing massage available here, E. Vill., Manhattan location; Outcalls also available.

Same day appointments available. And late night calls (but please book before 12 midnight).

Most days and nights open; I'm not available Sat. afternoon 4-9 PM, Sun 12-6; Mon 6-9 PM.

Please note if you make an appointment and then cancel the same day I will block you.

Are you feeling "stuck", cramped, painful, stressed out, used and abused? Facilitated stretching breath coaching and somatic bodywork (talk & touch therapy) are also available. I offer a judgement free space where all shapes and sizes, ages and and varieties of men are always welcome.

I offer a safe space; let my delicious healing hands transport you to a sanctuary of pleasurable bliss. You work hard, why settle for low-quality massage from clueless amateurs when you can get the best? I'm on your side; I understand & get you (believe me--I've been there LOL.)

Also Google me on Youtube "Saintorr" for fun and entertaining exercise videos.

Love and gracias

Steve O


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