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6-6-24 Thank you! & BEWARE

Grateful and a shout out to the handful of new clients, and especially "A" who came today. I wish you the best on your journey to healing!

Also attention other M4M body workers, masseurs and underwear models; one "bi-curious" a--hole named Jake at 347-499-7214 called yesterday, made an appointment for today (sounding very young, flirty and giddy about coming); then pulled a no-show. I hope you get hit by a truck Jake. Gentlemen if he calls you, don't bother booking.

Always grateful for the good guys and as for the bad apples--well you know who you are and suicide might be a fit punishment for you but like the Tee Shirt said the other day "A--holes Live Forever."

Anyhow onto tomorrow. Note to the Queer Folk Community (and their allies); one of the very best highlights to PRIDE weekend is the "gathering of the drag Queen parade" (the remains of what Wig-Stock used to be) that usually begins on the Friday of Gay Pride weekend as this cast of characters begins to casually meet up in Tompkins Square Park (usually the Westside) late in the afternoon. Great photo ops, friendly but aloof crowd and very eclectic. If I'm there you may see me practicing my unicycling skills (and occasionally not holding onto the fence as I practice my 30 minutes a day of circus skills...

amor & gracias

Steve/Saintorr/nycmasseur dot com

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