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7-10-24 Lowest lows-Highest Highs...Summer 2024 IN NYC!

It’s almost magically amazing! When I feel I’m at my lowest points…when the the loneliness and alienation become so intense that it’s as if I’m eating “ashes in a vacuum” then Voila!…Here comes music to remind me of my power, and the sophistication of technology that we have available at our fingertips today, right now to make beautiful music. We, here now--the creative ones! And others making gorgeous music and mixes and compositions to remind us to keep being creative and not give up!

Very grateful to EP, KT and MM (Jungle girl) for making this journey a truly evolved one. Thank you dear friends for reminding me of the beauty of music. I'm in awe and humbled.

Inspirational Souls;…Nils Frahm, Hans Zimmer, I see that my “goal” if there is such a thing, is to create ambient dance music.

Yes! Thank you higher power and muses for singing in my ears. I am so grateful to you!

When in doubt--take baby steps. "Notes" app very helpful in making doable TO DO lists~

PS Also thank you client “R” for returning (after showing up once) to me for our session in spite of the mixed up time. Your dedication and forbearance, no…your loyalty is truly amazing and I’m so, so grateful especially after two no-shows yesterday and then you appear today like sensual magic and in spite of our mixed up time and miscommunication—YOU SHOW UP! Thank you! And thank you for YOUR touch! Porn cannot compare to REAL TOUCH between men. I'm so grateful I can access my dopamine fix(es) LOL. And get paid for it!


the nycmasseur

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