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9-7-23 Gratitude and Honoring Myself

Very grateful to repeat client "D" last night.

Today had to block a potential client as he booked for 90 minutes, asked a ton of questions about how I could treat his painful QL and iliopsoas, on top of which he wanted that and that extra services (nude interactive know the drill). An hour later dude cancelled complaining he overextended himself (having 3 hours of sleep and a bad case of "Red Eye" having just flown in from Dubai). I mean he didn't even say he was sorry!

"We all have lives I said, you are blocked." Gosh that felt so good.

Nothing like saying no to guys who can't plan properly and then try to put their utter lack of a manageable life onto you! Not my problem. Take some responsibility for your actions dude! This gentlemen should know better. With an entitled attitude like that, he had to be in his late 30's or early 40's. This type of "gym rat" younger males usually think they are God's Gift and we "senior service" people (aka "slaves") are simply here to supply their every need. (The subtext here is suck my cock old man...let's call a spade a spade.) To Hell with that LOL. It's very, very healthy when a slave says an unconditional NO to his Master and does so unapologetically and chooses to rebel. Congratulations to me for my own self-caring and giving voice to honoring my authentic self. Amen.

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