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Check-in 1-10-23

I have been told by a friend to make sure I’m connected and registered with the 9-11 “registry” just in case there is cancer in my throat. Besides health care I guess they also offer payments to cancer patients from the fucked up air from 9-11.

I had a good time at the Chorus tonight (Abrans Arts Center chorus) there were more parents with children; it was nice to hear and try to blend in with the kid’s voices.

One of the kids however was on his cell phone for the 90 min session that we were practicing. Of course a “Lower Eastside set up” (anyone in a position of authority—our gay leader) in this group which is the epitome of NEW YORK LIBERALISM is NOT going to say “get off your phone kid.” And I would never say it as I don’t want to be known as “THAT GUY.” Irritating as fuck. He was wearing really cute pajamas though LOL.

It’s the same reason I don’t complain when the water buffalo couple upstairs walking with their shoes on….so bizarre that the bf moves in and makes no effort whatsoever to be friendly to anyone…I don’t get it. I have to radically accept that certain people, certain “types” of people in the city are not into being friendly neighbors at all. When I see said BF he acts like an "all business undertaker." Kinda scary, deeply impersonal straight black man NOT into being friendly at all. No bi vibe in the least. How fucking boring. Weird. It would be weird if he was white too…

Don’t you just love living in Manhattan?…the queen of all the boroughs!

Well, tonight after chorus I went into the studio and worked on a very old song from the 80’s I wrote about The Pyramid club.” The main character was a guy I was in love with who was a boxer and a raving lush and he ended up giving me 19 stitches (it sounds better than 9 LOL). Ew. Past loves…

I am grateful to have a place to sing out loud and let my creative juices flourish. My massage clients and my so-called friends don’t care about my music. I have to. And I feel more relaxing doing it. Oh no. Time for a new computer. That’ gonna be at least $2G for 64 RAM. Shit.

“Sounds Better” now charging $90 bucks a month for artists to “connect” and possibly make money. Seems a bit high to me. But then I’m cheap LOL.

Where are other queen friends? I’m going to threaten my therapist tomorrow that if he says to me just one more time (in that florid Spanish accent) “You need to find a community?” that I’m gonna fire his ass…

No work. Looks like snow. Suicidal thoughts in the morning. Didn’t wanna get out of bed. My left hip feels like it's wearing out. The damn physiatrist Chang tried to tell me my right hip was the one wearing out; not the left. A-hole. He's also the one that shot up my right shoulder with hyarolonic acid and caused 50% loss of strength in my right hand. It's slowly coming back. Slowly. But was very grateful to have acupuncture for the pain. It helped.

Have to get back into throwing shit out tomorrow and clearing out my space...

Gonna watch FBI MOST WANTED…(they have the more heinous crimes on there) then go to gym…

This is my life now. I’m pretty happy. Wish I had more friends. But then I have television and the occasional client.

Putting my cat on a diet. She’s getting fat.

Riding the bike today noticed a lot of “fellow riders” delivering things and running lots of red lights and generally driving like irresponsible assholes. Scary…NY city exercises no control whatsoever over these guys endangering the streets. So stupid.

I guess the Black Lives Matter effect is still in place. Chaos rules and shut up about it…heaven forbid the police start giving out traffic tickets to assholes on electric scooters. Someone would probably say they were racially profiling the

Poor underdogs who fly this way and that on the sidewalk and streets on the electric bikes, the delivery class serving the whites with money...

White do I detest white couples saying “SHIT” and “FUCK THIS” AND “FUCK THAT” on the street? It just seems so fake...

Especially when they have the NYU entitlement vibe going on; “posers on Avenue A showing how

Tough they are…for the birds…nauseating.

Gotta get outta this ‘hood.

Good night strangers.

Steven Orr

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