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Check-in 1-10-23

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

I have been told by a friend to make sure I’m connected and registered with the 9-11 “registry” just in case there is cancer in my throat. Besides health care I guess they also offer payments to cancer patients from the fucked up air from 9-11.

I had a good time at the Chorus tonight (Abrans Arts Center chorus) there were more parents with children; it was nice to hear and try to blend in with the kid’s voices.

Don’t you just love living in Manhattan?…the queen of all the boroughs!

Well, tonight after chorus I went into the studio and worked on a very old song from the 80’s I wrote about The Pyramid club.” The main character was a guy I was in love with who was a boxer and a raving lush and he ended up giving me 19 stitches (it sounds better than 9 LOL). Sometimes when all the lovers I have haunt me like ghosts I must burn sage to purify the air.

“Sounds Better” now charging $90 bucks a month for artists to “connect” and possibly make money. Seems a bit high to me. But then I’m cheap LOL.

Putting my cat on a diet. She’s getting fat.

Good night strangers. Come for a massage!

Steven Orr

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