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Good Luck to you Leo Grande

See this film! The sheer humanism and compassion and humor that this work shines on "the story of a sex worker his client is simply brilliant.

Happy Post Pride everyone. I have been working so much and tending to my garden

the social media thing just seems rather irrelevant. At this moment anyway, perhaps I will be more productive in the days to come. I'm enjoying my roof, the summer sun and on Pride Sunday I loved people watching though I had a date which turned out not to be one of my best experiences. The important thing is that I had a date. Must be the first in years...

Cheerio and come for a great massage--when it doubt, be grateful.

Being sober isn't fun but it's very grown up and great way to feel things all over again! But I do miss my Absinthe. #nycmasseur #saintorr

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and sometimes, a string of words just ensnares me..." Taylor Swift in front of NYU class of 2022 commencement ceremony wise, wise and wise! Thank you TS. #nycmasseur #saintorr #steveorwhat #fabulousfa

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