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Gratitude clients R & J; 10-17-23 & further pontificating LOL.

Much gratitude to repeat clients R & J; two very sensual, sensitive beautiful and respectful men! Your business is greatly appreciated more than you know...

Prayers for peace in the Middle East; there is no wrong or right. War is the devil's making; we all must learn tolerance and acceptance with each other. Easy to say sitting in my online work, easy chair after two very hot clients this week and me being in/with my music. Thank you God. Leisure time to create is truly a luxury and even more so when the artist can actually be productive instead of drinking beer, binging and watching movies. I was productive last night.

Interesting that even if I miss my home turf A.C.A. meeting on Wed. at The Center from 6-7 I still manage to touch and enact some kind of very healthy and sober activity on that day. Last night I began initial recording of my latest song "Aurora Dawn." I'm so grateful to be able to express myself in my music and then play "the classics" and improve my piano playing via a world-class teacher (Thank you "M").

Again I had to let a client go. He'd been coming for a few years but I simply do not feel good whipping somebody. It's just not me. Please understand (if you are reading this) nothing personal the action itself of giving pain to someone is beyond my pay grade (period). I can no longer fake what simply feels wrong and indeed nauseating to me. Hence my rejection of said client. Period.

Last night was contacted by a very hot Daddy who even had his own table. His inquiries had the "red light questions" ("Tell me how a typical session goes."). In his message, he shared with me that he wanted to be fucked. Again and again here is the damn, ugly big red light! I assume he happened to be a masseur too--do I REALLY have to paint a damn picture Mister? Do I really have to explain this situation AGAIN??!!!! You being a practicing masseur of all people--should KNOW better!).

Any activity other than massage is always based on chemistry between myself and the client. I am a masseur NOT an escort as such I never promise penetration (way beyond my pay grade and job description/duties). I don't make fake promises; nor do I send out nude selfies or give mouth watering scenarios of how the session will go. I know my shit. A booking is a booking. Creating scenarios for clients is an extremely time consuming activity and I do not indulge! Another red light client is the one that spends two days texting me with inquiries and then doesn't book. Dude, I don't care to see pictures of you, your wife or your GF. Your sex addiction is WASTING MY PRECIOUS TIME! And no I don't give a rat's ass that this is your first time with a man. This isn't Romper Room or Captain Kangaroo (dating myself--ha ha--er gee I wish I COULD DATE MYSELF LOL). This is consenting adults doing their beautiful thing with each other, i.e., massage, massage, massage. Period, end of argument, end of story!


Currently fascinated by Jimmy Savile. Watched the "Monster" documentary last night. Obviously he was constantly revealing to the world, exactly what he was doing with "little girls" (and some little boys). And his fans loved him for it. The broken lives that he created through his abuse, well, that's quite another story...

Well into "The Crossing" by McCarthy. I don't deal with with animals being hurt or harmed in any way so it's challenging to read about the she-wolf as the main character being hunted. Ugh. Still my favorite writer. He writes like God.

My paranoid straight buddy and former roommie warned me yesterday that Hamas will be creating havoc and destruction come tomorrow (Friday the 13th). Well, an ideal day for it. My personal feelings are that the Media wants to frighten and control everyone. Again it's a tragic situation in the Middle East but this war is only the end result of the bullying of the Palestinians by Israel. Both sides must learn to live with each other; as all opposing political leaders (and common folk) must learn to tolerate and live with each other. I think everyone knows this. It's only when people are stupid (Trump) or greedy (the corporate industrial state) and take incredibly stupid actions that the shit hits the fan.


Then come for a great massage.

I gotta get on the unicycle today.

Not any bites on Casting Networks. I'm ending that back to BACKSTAGE soon.

Always seeking other masseurs and bodyworkers (male please) to do free massage exchanges with. Reach out if this is you and you are in-shape and love loving men!

"Mutual respect=mutual touch"

I'm so grateful to be able to speak openly and without censorship about my life and feelings and current state of affairs. If you don't agree or find this blog offensive DON'T READ IT. If you have SOMETHING TO SAY worth saying, please share : ).

Thank you.

God Bless us all.



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