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Gratitude List 6-27-24 and Just Saying No 6-27-24

I was in the process of writing out my gratitude list when I just gotta call from a client who mistakenly thought I was offering $80 an hour massages. I could have taken the call--after all Pride month & Pride week in particular are historically my slowest times, after April & Spring with all the Christian and Jewish holidays (massage and religion don’t mix well in American culture).

I just couldn't get myself to take the call and blocked this "bus stop" client. Only $20 right? But I'm so glad I said no. $80 is demeaning. I guess I have my own sense of Pride even though I have always felt in my heart of hearts that being bisexual is the Black Sheep/Bad Boy of the LGBTQ + so-called community. I've always wondered why so many rigidly gay gays tend to dismiss bi guys as being "less than" or just plain sick or deficient? Duuh, because it's in our nature to love both sexes (men and women), i.e., to "love more." It's taken me years to process and accept this; why bisexual men are looked down upon when they actually have this "gift?" (Or is it a curse?). I've never understood that about NY queer culture. Maybe it’s a male thing, a fear thing? *Sigh* Let go and let Higher Power. I'll smoke a joint on that and get back to you LOL.

I'm proud to be bi; and I'm serenely proud to be able to just say no to a client. Sometimes self-worth, self-integrity and self-love is worth more than $20 dollars (which is what? 3 or 4 double wheat grass shots? A six-pack and a half of decent IPA? LOL).




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