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Happy Easter All 3-31-24

I wish everyone good health and happiness. Except for the no-show and floosies who book and then cancel within an hour! LOL!

Here are the prompts from my "Teatime for the Sensitive Musician" support & E.F.T. (emotional freedom technique) group

1) General gratitude list

2) In the spirit of Holy Week, and not to push anything religious haha, Who is Jesus Christ to you? (Not how you would explain it to anyone else necessarily, but just who is he to you?)

3) What do you think Jesus Christ (or alternatively, God or Higher Power or your Higher Self) wants you to create? 

Thanks for visiting my blog and come and get a fantastic, healing (or relaxing or stimulating) massage.

If you haven't already, please check out my latest exercise channel!


Steve O

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