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Hello Healthy Prostate! 6-25-23

After some "prodding" (pun intended) from my 90 year old concert pianist client, I courageously looked at the results of my MRI and was ecstatic to read that I am indeed cancer free. Thank you Higher Power, Jesus, Mary, Buddha and all the saints and gurus that have left a legacy of enlightenment, critical thinking and love for us as a family on earth. May tolerance, peace and happiness guide us all for the rest of the year and many years forward. I am so grateful to be who and what I am, a human first, a musician second, a dancer, biker and M4M masseur somewhere third or fourth. God Bless us all.

Thanks to all friends and (new) family who have offered love and support in this latest most stressful time. I am down on my knees in gratitude to you (and hopefully NOT in a stall at the Eagle this coming Sunday night LOL.) Happy Pride all.

PS. I swear my short story on being gay-bashed will appear on this blog within the next few days. Thank you.



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