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Helpful Prompts for Rainy Days 5-24 from Steve

These writing prompts are from my "Teatime for the Sensitive Musician" group. They have nothing to do with massage per se but are very helpful for self-growth and reflection. So if you are depressed, weary of the world, or feeling lost (as I frequently am & feel ) grab a pencil and start writing!

1) List things that make you angry, and what needs/desires you have that underly them.

2) Think of one or two habits you’d like to develop or be more consistent with, and imagine your ideal vision of carrying out the habit. For example, thinking of practicing music consistently, I would imagine how I would prepare for my practice session (e.g. make tea, set intentions), what my environment would look and feel like, how I would feel during the session, after, etc. Anything specific you want to imagine about a wonderful instance of your habit.

3) Are there any specific obstacles or habits you’d like to let go of? Especially tiny ones that you could pinpoint?

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