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Massage "Tip" for low back pain 5-16-23

5-16-23 “Hypervolt” for low back pain.

So yesterday I was grateful to have five clients.

The last client was so-appreciative of our session he gave me a wonderful gift of using my own massage tool “The Hypervolt” on me! Thank you so very much “A.” It is appreciated more than you know. (Your generous tip was appreciated too).

Speaking of tips—here’s a Massage tip; Did you know that a great way to release, ease and top back pain is to do have your masseur/massage therapist/bodyworker do DEEP FRICTION on the insertion of the gluts that attach just slightly below the pelvic “rim” while you, the client are lying prone on the table. You might think the best massage therapy is to go right to the “pain place” and rub and rub but actually an equal amount of pain can be relieved and released if your therapist (or underwear model) knows how to palpate and actually FIND this place on the client’s anatomy and then “dig in” with deep cross fiber friction.

Even my feline “Cinnamon” knows the value of owning a “Hypervolt” (much preferred by most PT’s over the “Theragun” just because the Hypervolt is 80% quieter than the latter.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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