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Pay Pal rife with scams/Constant cell phone use is a form of dissociation-- a proven mental disorder

Quick update and warning to readers; please cancel your Pay Pal account NOW. A dear friend of mine (and a tenured professional who teaches at Adelphi University) was scammed out of a thousands bucks from an entity based in China. Initially he was billed $30G for NOTHING via his Pay Pal account! Then he spent hours on the phone with some a--holes (based in India) who were no help at all (he believes they too were part of the scam). PLEASE NOTE...there is NO phone number on Pay Pal to report a scam! This is outrageous and unheard of. If you have a PP account. Delete it now.

Also note;

In working my so-called recovery (I am NOT recovered--I am IN recovery LOL). I was reflecting and did my latest meditation (today) on dissociation.

Honlineere is a quick on-line definition of that neurotic mental condition...

"Dissociation is a mental process where a person disconnects from their thoughts, feelings, memories or sense of identity. Dissociative disorders include dissociative amnesia, depersonalization disorder and dissociative identity disorder."

The more I observe 99% of the people around me on their phones...the more I am convinced this is early training for Zombies and a vast and terrible threat way to erode our humanity.

How to cope? Get a massage AND do not be on your phone while getting your massage!

Also try to limit your phone use. This morning I heard alert after alert to the point where sleeping was impossible (yes I am a "late riser"). On top of that my voicemail service now no longer keeps a record of callers' numbers. So I must replay the message and enter the phone menu to obtain "envelope information" about the call,! (Of course there is no button to push to retain the number which means the user needs to go to a pencil and paper and write down the number, then call the number to block it! Insane. My service used to be TING (the support staff was in Canada and they all spoke really good English and were a pleasure to deal with); now however TING has been taken over by Boost (pure shit)...though my service is basically $10 bucks a is so bad I may have to change phone companies. Technology when it works is fabulous. When it doesn't, it's like having 3 no show clients in a row LOL!

Also note; this same dear (straight) friend of mine mentioned above I(the Adelphi professor) was raving about the Pakistani film JOYLAND--I guess it's a MUST SEE (it was banned in Pakistan!).

So download, stream and watch today!

We Must fight against this very very sick anti-Trans movement in the works (in the U.S. and all around the world). I myself have issues with the "They" pronoun but everyone deserves respect and a chance to be happy and live their life in peace without the threat of violence or their very identities threatened by homophobic and trans-phobic legislation. The Constitution guarantees the right to pursue happiness!

And I was overjoyed to hear more indictments. We must stop this Hitler from rising again. Otherwise this country is over.


in Joy!


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