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Pride Sale 2024 $100 all Incall massages 6-2-24

My Pride Sale has definitely ignited renewed interest in my massage business. Thank you gentlemen, as always I am at your service with my superb healing hands! (& Thank you higher power from bring me lots of new, respectful clients).

My regular price is $120 for 1 Incall hour (plus a standard 20% tip).

For Outcall rates please inquire.

Dear 876-482-2859; I tried to respond to your text this AM (6-2-24) but your number came up as blocked; I would recommend you unblock it or give me a call if you are serious about booking.

Please be aware that I am not available to work

Sat. 3-10; Sun 11-7 and Mon 5-9 PM.

Happy Pride to all and stay alert.

Thank you all past, present and future clients.

Video update; watch for my new video on the best way to recover (sit up/stand-up) from a supine (lying on your back) position without hurting your back!

In a nutshell; from a lying down (supine) position on your back, essentially that involves turning onto your left (or right) side and going into a kind of fetal position then using your arms to push yourself into an upright sitting position with your legs hanging over the bed, massage table or examination table, then coming off the table, ledge or steam slab!

I will make a video shortly. This is a great way to save yourself from undue lower back pain by rising passing through a kind of "teaser" (Pilates position). I don't even do the regulation Teaser position in Pilates anymore as it is much too painful on my lower back. There is a modified version called "Tabletop" will to make a video shortly to demonstrate this kinder, gentler vision of the Pilates "Teaser" position. I just formulated this new "rising" position lately upon one of my trips to "The Bath house" and lying supine in the steam room or sauna. If you use this method to arise from a flat, lying down (supine) position you will avoid lots of undue back pain! Seriously. Watch for my video and hope to be massaging you soon.


Steve O

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