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Saturday 2/3/24 Teatime Prompts 

Gratitude (5 mins)

Listing things we're grateful for, especially artistic/creative things, either from other people or from ourselves.

Creative impulses (5 mins) 

Check inside for creative impulses, on an emotional or even physical level. Let them speak, say more about what they want. You could use the previous exercise as a jumping off point, if you listed things that inspire creative impulses in you...

Creative possibilities this week (5 mins) 

What might you want to do creatively this week? Projects to work on or revisit, steps to take, new things to think about...

Tapping (a few rounds) 

Open, on any feeling or negative believe that's present

Question for Higher Power (7 mins, after meditation): 

What words of encouragement do you have for me?

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