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4-4-24 Weighted Leg "clams"

Great for strengthening lateral leg muscle stabilizers, gluts and lateral quads. Especially good for those experiencing arthritic pain around the medial (inside) area of the knees. I use about 21 lb. wieghts; 3 sets of 10 each. A great happy ending exercise after you do your mini-Pilates (the "Ab" series") workout (it only takes 10 minutes y'all) that I've demo'd a few times on my Youtube channel--by the way go there and subscribe! Also come to me for a great massage if you are in New York. Outcalls to Dubai are available but only if you supply the Don Julio anejo.

Fran Lebowitz describes Donald Trump as "having a level of moral squalor so profound that even Manhattan real estate developers look down on him. Yay Fran! And there is NOTHING whatsoever about that kook that in any way resembles any of the caring, kind, compassionate and most of all smart and witty New Yorkers I have ever known. Unbelievable that he described talking to the family of the Michigan murder victim; then used her murder to illustrate the 'immigrant problem." Immediately the family revealed they had no interactions with him whatsoever. But if he wins, Amerika will get exactly what it deserves. Sad. Lincoln would turn in his grave...

I fear the tee-shirt logo I saw 2 weeks ago is correct; "Assholes live forever."

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