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From A.C.A. Meditations book July 26, 2023

Step Two

"Came to believe that a Power greater than

ourselves could restore us to sanity." BRB p. 130

Our parents had been our gods. This is normal for

children because parents are their primary

support system.

As adults, many of us had not progressed past this

stage of growth, no matter how far away we

moved. We had believed everything they said for

so long that we continued to internalize their

negativity and messages without even being

around them. Their voices were inside us.

Concerning religious beliefs, some of our families

had no tolerance for anything except their

religious belief system. Others of us may have

been told that only weakminded people believe in

a Higher Power.

In recovery, when many of us seek to identify a

Higher Power, we may be confused by these

intolerant and abusive viewpoints. To find clarity,

we give ourselves permission to step away from

those old ideas, even about what the word God

means. Many of us may start by seeing our ACA

family as the "something greater than ourselves."

This is the beginning of our search for spiritual

freedom. It may seem foreign at first, because this

wouldn't have been allowed in our families.

But we're on a journey. We try things out and see

what works for us. We notice we have an inner

compass, and we start to follow it fearlessly.

With my therapist today, we have planned on having an E.M.D.R. session specifically addressing my sexual abuse encounter with my Mother...The goal here I believe would be to "create the schema" or building the specific scenario of the experience, note my feelings; AND THEN note how I would prefer to choose to feel as a result of "reliving the schema" of the experience.

I am about ready to go up on the roof and try this with my bi-lateral pulse stimulation machine...I'll let you know results...meanwhile I made a new check-in yesterday...see next blog post from July 25, 2023...

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