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1-19-24 of karma, masturbation, content creative and cross-fiber friction! Check-in by Steve the

I am fighting this tremendous sense of both cabin fever and a hard-core cold (my first in a year). Also fighting the urge to drink (I will get my nightly ONE beer and cocktail with bitters but later).The neighbors upstairs seemed to be chilling out which is nice.

(No BUMP BUMP STOMP STOMP! Whew what a relief).


So I did rent studio time but likely not going to bike over to Abrans Art Center to play. The piano is dreadfully out of tune. And thanks to my friend Audrey (“Teatime for the Sensitive Musician”) I deduced, formulated, created 4 major creative chores that I want to accomplish tonight! Interesting that one of the major “obstructions/blocks” to creative flow that we floored today and did lots of Emotional Freedom Technique, i.e., “tapping” on procrastination. Also clarified 9 gamut (eye movements with humming. I frequently had the urge to run but simply relazed and stayed with the program. Therapeutic support and somatic oriented therapy vis-a-vis Zoom are interesting to say the least. A bit like being a fish in an aquarium or a rat in a cage! I bare witness herein that I’m guilty even now as I write this-avoiding work on my audiobooks! Procrastination, distractions, gosh...yes I’ll blame it on the cabin fever. So restless...maybe an edible will help. NOW. And then this constant feeling of restless horniness.


Clients slow; just some dingbat student called up today. Queen sounded like a rich, spoiled brat and displayed not one iota of gratitude when I said I’d do her for an hour for a C-note. She continued to ask inane questions and finally hung up when I said that any interaction sensually speaking had to be “safe” (i.e., with condoms). I blocked “it.” More and more I have been running into these younger queens who not only desire full-out penetration but also insist on being bred (Skin to Skin) which means they want fluids (from the master masseur) deposited directly into their “bank vaults” interest-free I might add. Interesting. Does it make them feel more authentically validated?! I wonder. Maybe it’s the two-spirit urge to “ape the female egg fertilization” act. "Oh Mr. Masseur--SEED ME!!" Who knows?


Anyway popularity growing on my YT channel (some 12G plus views lately – wow) and I have no doubt it’s because I’m doing my talking heads thing without wearing a shirt. LOL. The highest viewed video was called “doing exercise while smiling.” Me thinks I’m totally over thinking this whole Social Media thing. Today I discussed Content creation, self-pleasuring and karma. Then ended with a demo on cross-fiber friction. Did I say my slipped on the ice on the roof upstairs feels much better? Well, it does.

nycmasseur dot com/blog


Thanks for reading my blog and call hot Daddy tonight as he/she/it/they IS available.

Friday 6:54 PM 1-19-24...)

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