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10-21-23 FREAK from 332-228-3879 (and other bad puppies...)

Freak texted me in the AM today


Are you available for massage and more?

I'm 32 yo


240 lbs


12.5 in

I come to you

Can you bottom

I will take good care

of you $

(tried to call me 4 times).

Hi Steve please call me"

(Directed to my site for more info)

I am available until 3 PM today; LMK if you'd like to book."

Well, I'm thinking it IS Halloween! LOL.

(of course no booking--I have put this number along with several below

as being a joke; I didn't feel like buying the Brooklyn Bridge today LOL.

Also beware

718-916-6921 (called 7-22-23 and a few times this year, very persistent)

(insists on having a convo; then starts name calling "You're a faggot, etc."

Mark Squared (from 2020) (aka Markliam handle on Rentmasseur--last known address Queens--stood me up twice

310-498-8201 (Very handsome light skinned East Indian-high tech entrepeneur)


929-210-7156 (name calling ass-hole sounded slightly Southern)

usually calls late...around 10:30 PM

718-916-6921 (slight Brooklyn accent; gives fake weird, femmy sounding name

then gets nasty, i.e.,

"Is there a sign that says faggot massage in front of your place?"

As you can see, doing M4M massage (when it doesn't quite go as expected)

is more fun than a barrel of monkies.

Seriously, though the majority of clients are angels, there is a very, VERY dark side to doing this work. If you don't think so or if you are so naive as to say "I can't believe guys do this." You are being extremely naive and not seeing (or knowing) the facts. In my more vulnerable moments I tell myself I'm too good for this shit. Then I usually move on to the majority of kind and generous men of their word who buy my massage services and are 100% grateful, relaxed, renewed, refreshed and satisfied (thank you God, I also usually end up feeling the joy of my job--when it works there's no better way to make money!).


& Here's a toast to the good ones!

Trust but verify the bad ones.

If it's too good to be true; it probably is...



Steven O

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