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10-25-22 Check in

"Finding "Dream Man" big, fat, dark muscle bear at "The Eagle" and being totally ghosted by him, music sucking by Muscidawg at "the Eagle", upstairs noise gratitude--FORCING ME TO CHANGE, music progress, disparity between releasing with clients in work and seeking to release with a man IN LIFE! LOL. *watch "BROS" really good shit!

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from the My Rentmasseur interview 5-22-24

Is extensive training necessary for one to be a good masseur? (I added "massage therapist" or "bodyworker?" Training is the seed, experience grows the tree. Both matter to me and should to the discern

5-17-24 2 New Exercises - Pilates with Dumbbells Two “New” exercises I created utilizing BOTH Pilates Core technique and Dumbell movements (chest presses) Remember in both Exhale tighten the asshole; Inhale relax/soften


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