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Great Resource--HOPE FOR THE BEDROOM! LOL. 4-28-24

is an excellent resource for aspiring (or veteran) producers.

I am privileged to be studying a mini-course in compression and mixing music (thank you EP & God Bless You).

Interesting as I reflect on my life and how presently I feel drawn more and more to the Holy Spirit as a fountain of comfort and a sanctuary. This isn't to say I still love loving men but maybe on a somatic level I'm maturing. Or maybe it's simply the rational conclusion to being so used and abused by men while spending so many, many years both massaging and enjoying them. Paradox. Anti-climax, etc.

I see a picture of Mozart and I can just picture him playing for the emperor in a big hall, a tiny child at the harpsichord....I am amazed that at the tender age of 12 this genius wrote so many great & timeless works, i.e., Missa Brevis. Then I flash on my relationship to queer music connected to dancing, the men, the lights, the freedom etc. There is no rhyme or reason, one can only stand in awe at the power of music. Briefly I had the focus, time and energy to compose an entire CD "Ocean Visions." Snippets of which may be found on my Bandcamp Saintorr site...Google it.

Running out of energy tonight though I did want to re-write my Brain Exchange short story and refine it. Sometimes I experiment with too much freedom in my writing and then need to edit. What's more fun to the average queen? Shooting? Editing? Topping, Bottoming, talking to the Holy Ghost when you realize he will be the one with you and no earthly man.

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