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5-17-24 Extra Exercise for balance! “T-Rex Bar Bird & angled Push-ups” i.e., Old Age is not for sissies...Ms. Davis

Don’t let your balance disappear as you age! It’s one of the first things that go; next to youth and beauty LOL. Note your weak side and don’t be afraid to use some surface (a chair or a roof wall LOL) to touch and use as an “assist” or a kind of “ballet bar” in practicing this exercise. Try it every other day, 3 sets of 10 on each side (if you can stand it). Halfway through this exercise, your upper body should be parallel to the floor. Also the main movement here is a simple "hinge" from the waist! (One of the basic moves from "old school" Horton jazz dance technique from the "modern/jazz" dance style hybrids popular in the 60's and 70's.

I ended with stand-up push ups on the angle and finish these with a with a slight variation; lifting one leg while performing the sets 5 or 10 each side. Enjoy and be strong. Remember even if you only exercise like 20 minutes a day IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE. LOVE YOURSELF & ENJOY THE EFFORT. Steve O

To me a very grounding concept when I'm working out is functional training (example biking to get somewhere, not just going nowhere on a Stair Master or running like a hamster in a running wheel and getting nowhere on a treadmill (don't we do this enough in daily living anyway? LOL. Also exercise should help you and strengthen you all over so that your A.D.L. (activities of daily life) are easier to navigate. (Especially the balancing exercises to prevent falls !!!!!).

Remember; the beauties doing their immaculate poses on Tik Tok are for the average Social Media viewing audience whose attention span averages about 3 seconds (dear sweet young children that they are!). It takes toughness and strength and more than a pretty face or body to meet the challenge of getting older.

“Old age is not for Sissies”

Bette Davis

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