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8-29-23 Kindness is healthy; Rude Boys are not

Remember that kindness is healthy when contacting me or any of my peers for a massage. What's that mean you ask?

"Hello are you available? John here. What's your location please?"

is cool and kind.



"location? rates"

or requesting info then ghosting because I'm not in your 'hood are all actions one might expect from a rude, non-human machine. I'm not a machine or a slave here, I am a human and deserve to be treated as such.

Oh, and then there's ghetto-speak, i.e., "What's up?" and/or "Was hoping to meet up?" (This isn't a date) or my favorite "Yo" these are also red flags that you're nasty, a problem client, maybe you were born in a barn or you need to prove you're a man and probably suffer from hyper-masculinity syndrome. Unfeeling men (or shall I say "rude boys") aren't hot. They are just rude, unfeeling and pretty boring actually LOL, kinda like Trump or a busload of phony, stiff Republicans.

Ew. Move on.

Be kind--or be blocked.

Thank you for reading

Steve O

nycmasseur dot com/blog

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