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"About Me" 9-29-22 *Currently doing a two month Music Mixing and Mastering workshop. They requested a short bio and here it is. If you'd like to hear my music (or buy some tracks) kindly go to "About Me" con't I’ve done a complete CD called OCEAN VISIONS in 2000 inspired by the beaches of Cape Cod and P-town, MA in particular. I'm currently in the process of re-releasing that CD now with a different distributor. I love dance music and film music and am always thinking up new melodies and writing new poetry and then I love making new songs! I also love singing and playing the blues (just piano and voice) and have a number of covers I would like to do if I ever play live again...have been appearing at happy hour at various times at The Monster lately. And (being a dance addict) LOVE to hit the Eagle on Sunday nights to check out the (wide array of) DJ's that appear there (my current fav is James Andersen). My big goal is to be able to write and produce Progressive House music that sounds like real dance music (before I die). And to be able to master my tracks myself so I don't have to pay others to try and get them to re-create the sounds and music I'm hearing in my musical mind. If I accomplish THAT...then life has been worth living!

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